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From children to adults. From first thing to last thing in the evening. Whether to study or to reinforce it. Princess Margaret School provides English courses in flexible timetables to bring the English language closer to everyone who wants or needs it.


Wide proven experience since 1967 as an English school with IB methodology and Cambridge Exam Preparation Centre.



Our personalized teaching methodology connects all areas of the English language (RC, WR, LC, SPK, USE) and allows our students to succeed in taking the degrees of the University of Cambridge (KET, PET, FCE, CAE, CPE).

  • On going teacher training at the different Cambridge levels.
  • Daily and annual planning of classes, homework, term exams and reports, attendance control, etc.
  • Personalized students’ follow up, academic guidance in their learning and help with their specific needs within the group.
  • Qualified and experienced teachers. Our teachers have the Cambridge University requirements to teach the different levels we offer.
  • Small groups adapted the students’ age and level.
  • Cambridge qualifications. The percentage of students who pass the exams successfully with Princess Margaret School is above 90%.
  • Placement test to assign to a group according to the age and level of our students.
  • Interactive classes within a participative and highly-dynamic teaching system.
  • New technologies, such as interactive 4K TV, ipads ... in all the classrooms and the virtual campus for the eldest students, make us one of the pioneer schools technologically speaking.



Calendar and timetables

  • Courses run from October to June.
  • Afternoon class options:
    • Beginners (3,4 and 5 years): 2 weekly classes of 1 hour
    • Adults: 1 weekly class of 2 hours
    • Other levels: 2 weekly classes of 1.5 hours



  • Registration (only for new students): € 47
  • 3h course per week € 303: 3h / term
  • 2h course per week € 229: 2h / term



  • Level/placement test: at the beginning of the course
  • Term exams: before the end of each term
  • Mock exam: at mid course and at the end of course (Cambridge Levels)


3h courses per week

Please note: The course duration is estimated given that it depends on factors such as
class attendance, the completion of homework, ease with the language and so forth.



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